Chip Tuning! Reprogramming!

STAGE 1 - Remapping/Chip tuning to 90% of all cars. Brands like 
BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Mazda, Toyota, Peugeot, Subaru and many more. 

Price: 400€
Stage 1 + Gearbox: 500€

Different maps available for your needs: more power, better fuel consumption or both. Also possible for 100% of cars AdBlue, EGR and DPF delete.

We operate in Estonia, Laagri near Tallinn.

Address: Urda tee 3-10, 75304, Jälgimäe, Harju maakond

Additionally, if needed Parking Sensors, Audio Systems, Screens, DEFA, Webasto, Cruise Control, Hitch etc. Available to install to ANY CAR.

Ask more directly from the seller.

Aleksei Sobolev (ENG, RUS) +37258854200
Aleksi Ovaskainen (ENG, EST, FIN) +37258654500
Rando Villand (EST, ENG) +37258855715
Viktor Pavlov (EST, RUS, ENG) +37258856122
Kristjan Lillep (EST, ENG) +37258374424