Car Detailing Chemicals

 - Get your set here -химия-для-автомобилей

Urban Racing's professional detailing series are now available! 

Branded chemicals, that are able to reach quality look for the car.
Since we detailed so many cars, and tried so many products. We already know how they work. So...
We decided to find our own evil chemist, to create the most efficient car detailing series that world has ever faced. And here they are ->

Protective ceramic spray, that creates protective coat and shine to your vehicle.

- Dirt protection 
- Water repellent
- Shiny look

Easy to apply: spray, wipe and shine. Up to 4-6 months protection.
Capacity: 250ml 

Deep wheel cleaner, that removes stained dirt, brake dust and other excrement to make your rims look like new. 

- Removes stains
- Removes Iron 
- Restores natural look of the color 
Easy to apply: spray, wait 3 minutes, brush (if necessary), pressure wash, boom!
Capacity: 500ml
Solvent for removing tar, stained dirt, bugs, whatever...

- Works effectively on dirty surfaces and places of difficult access
- Removes tar
- Extracted from orange peels: smells like death
Easy to apply: spray, wait 2 minutes, wipe with soft cloth and wash.
Capacity: 500ml

They meant to be for professional use, but you can get your hands on it by making minimum order of 10 bottles or visiting our official dealership in Laagri, Estonia. 

Address: Urda tee 3-10, 75304, Jälgimäe, Harju maakond

We deliver chemicals worldwide. Ask shipping fee directly from the seller.

Different payment options!

  • Aleksei Sobolev (Rus, Eng) +37258854200
  • Rando Villand (Est, Eng) +37258855715
  • Aleksi Ovaskainen (Est, Eng, Fin) +37258654500
  • Viktor Pavlov (Est, Eng, Rus) +37258856122
  • Kristjan Lillep (Est, Eng) +37258374424