Weekly Estonian Night Racing in Tallinn (ENR) | Date & Time, Location, Intro, Tips

Weekly Estonian Night Racing in Tallinn (ENR) | Date & Time, Location, Intro, Tips

ENR - Estonia Night Racing


What? - Street racing in Estonia, Tallinn

When? - Every Thursday 9pm (Summer Seasons Only) 

Where? - Starting point Ülemiste parking lot 


Fast and Furious on the streets of Tallinn or troublemakers?

Every Thursday at summer season, at 9pm sharp, over 100 cars gather at the Ülemiste car park, 300 car enthusiasts and night racers. But that’s not it….
If you are lucky enough you can spot Urban Racing Family in there with unreleased project cars.


What is ENR and what is the point of the whole organisation?

ENR is a free club of car enthusiasts who meet at a designated time and place.

Amateur or professional?
Absolutely no matter, because anyone can find a companion to their liking. People come with such beautiful cars that you can check in real life, not just from Instagram posts. Ülemiste gives you that opportunity!
To see tuned cars of Tallinn, those that have bodykitsspoilers, exhausts etc. Owners share their experiences of owning a car, and what they did to the car. This fact sets a goal for some people!
What car do I want to make? What will be next biggest ENR car?

Some locals say that this is one of the coolest way to spend time with friends at Thursday evening.
Why? – The whole movement gives endless sea of emotions and set memories. Whether it’s just having a discussion with some cool car owner or participating in drag race!

The whole police situation is also a good question!

All we can say is that police takes it easy. As long as road legal rules are not breaking. Police sometimes come thru the Ülemiste parking lot, to check on people how they do, and what they do. If someone drifts or making burnouts isn’t a good sign.
However, there are limitless people who does it and that’s what makes ENR known for. For their ability to pull up a show for their visitors!


Point of view from Urban Racing Family on how ENR goes - 
ENR - Estonian Night Racing | Ülemiste, Tallinn, Estonia 愛沙尼亞塔林每週盛事 狂野飛車 | Urban Racing #estonia - YouTube


What to do with so many cars and what do they do in the car park?

Firstly, the organizers invite DJ's or arrange Cruises. The cars will drive in a convoy to the designated destination, where they will enjoy an open-air DJ performance.

Alternatively, they may have 10-second drag race to see who can finish the race quicker. Wherever drag race happens is still a top secret. Some people even bet money on their cars, some double the price.
Endless emotions, nerve racking and adrenaline is high. - Will you dare to try?

Keep an eye, since Urban Racing Family visit drag race pretty often.


What should a first-time visitor know?

For first-time visitors its usually a peak of emotions because they can experience everything in one single day. On other side, long-time visitors already got used to it, but they are there for different purposes.

Practically speaking, you don't need to prepare much as such a gathering. All a person needs to take with him/her is a good mood and company in case he/she is not going to get acquainted with anyone. But be sure that even if you get there alone, meet your acquaintance is 95% likely.
So you won't get bored for sure!


ENR Date & Time, Location:

Every Thursday9pm (21:00) at Ülemiste parking lot (Suur-Sõjamäe 4, 11415 Tallinn)


Considering joining ENR?

Every week you have a chance to enjoy live performance and experience something you haven’t had before. So if you are a car enthusiast or like spending time with friends. Then this is the right place for you!

p.s. Thursday 9pm at Ülemiste parking lot! - “We will see you there!“


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- The Urban Racing Family -


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ENR's Instagram: ESTONIA NIGHT RACING ™ (@enr.ee) • Instagram photos and videos

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